Making a list to beat the winter blues

Winter has been getting me down, so I have been trying to cheer myself up in little ways. In between watching cheesy Hallmark Holiday made for t.v.-a thons, crocheting little Santa bellies (see below) for my coffee cups, and immersing myself as much as possible into my children’s lives and activities, I still can’t help but mourn the fact that the sky is darkening at 4 p.m. and feel like I am living in a forever night world.
I love Washington at most times, but during these winter nights, I can’t help but yearn for the days when I lived closer to the equator. My Hawaiian childhood is all but a distant memory, and sometimes feels like a dream that I could have ever layed on warm beaches and swam in the ocean at anytime of the year. I do however remember wishing I could see snow. Grass is always greener…

So since goals are good to have, especially short-term ones, I have decided to make a list of little things I will do to feel productive, and not let this winter depression get the best of me.

1. Go for a walk every non-rainy day. (Easier said than done)
2. Make something new handmade for each of my kids
3. Read a classic novel, preferably a shorter one, (Of Mice and Men may be a good contender)
4. Learn how to make a new dish from an online recipe
5. Watch a funny movie with the husband
6. Knit, knit, knit, and maybe crochet some more…possibly until I run out of yarn.
7. Hot. Chocolate.

I feel a little more productive already. Now to stick to one or more of these, maybe I won’t find the time to be down and depressed.

After all, how can anyone be sad who has these on their hot chocolate cup?

Santa Belly Cozies

Santa Belly Cozies

Santa-To Go...

Santa-To Go…



One thought on “Making a list to beat the winter blues

  1. I call my blues the mean reds. To combat mine, I dyed my hair bright red ;] You’ve inspired me to write about it! Hope the hot chocolate is working! Yummmm

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