Reindeers, Santas, and Strawberries

I am really excited about my 1 year old’s 1st pictures with Santa…mostly because he will be wearing this:

Baby Reindeer Hat

Baby Reindeer Hat

It’s so cute with little antlers, a big squishy red nose, and button eyes.  I took him to the store the other day and have gotten so many oohhs and ahhs already.  I know there are store-bought versions, but it’s something about handmade hats that really garner attention.  I think it’s because they are each one of a kind in their own way.

I whipped this hat up the other day with the thought of quirky baby hats in mind.  Last year I made baby a knitted snowman hat, which took a quite large amount of time to complete.  I am not sure if it’s me but crocheting just seems so much quicker, even though I love knitting and have been doing that for a considerably longer time, whenever I think I need to make a quick fun project, crocheting comes to mind.  With that being said, I was so excited when this hat came into being, that I immediately put it on him and took his picture…note the slight look of bewilderment:


Love those “deer-in-the-headlight” eyes…pun intended.  As you can see, this little man is a champ for wearing all my creations and being my muse/model.




When he’s 17 I’ll have some explainin’ to do.  I can’t wait to post pics with Santa!

Speaking of Santa, last year I came across this really cool idea for class parties from pinterest.  It was so ridiculously easy, and a somewhat healthier alternative to your average Christmas cookie that I made it for my daughter’s class.  They are strawberry Santa hats!


All you need is 2 boxes of Oreo Cakesters (I am sure you could use your own alternative, such as baked brownies cut into circles, etc…), fresh strawberries, and whipped cream.  I cut the oreo cake cookie in half, putting the strawberry (tips cut off) on the creme filling side, then used whipped cream to decorate.  That’s it!   This is such  a cute idea for office parties, school parties, family get togethers, etc… and so quick to make, I thought I’d share!

Remember, all the hats above (minus of course the strawberry Santa hats-make them…they’re easy!!) can be found in my Etsy shop,


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