Posted in December 2012

Making a list to beat the winter blues

Winter has been getting me down, so I have been trying to cheer myself up in little ways. In between watching cheesy Hallmark Holiday made for t.v.-a thons, crocheting little Santa bellies (see below) for my coffee cups, and immersing myself as much as possible into my children’s lives and activities, I still can’t help … Continue reading

Feature Friday #1

Something I have been wanting to do for a while is feature other Etsy artisans and shops on here…and help people find some hidden gems as well. So I am going to do just that, and since it’s almost Friday, I will make Friday my official “Etsy Feature Friday”. First off I want to tell you about Kthy’s Kreations on Etsy, … Continue reading

Reindeers, Santas, and Strawberries

I am really excited about my 1 year old’s 1st pictures with Santa…mostly because he will be wearing this: It’s so cute with little antlers, a big squishy red nose, and button eyes.  I took him to the store the other day and have gotten so many oohhs and ahhs already.  I know there are store-bought versions, but it’s … Continue reading