Have Scarf, Will Travel?…

Finished the pink herringbone scarf today, despite many interruptions, ie. children, phone ringing, dogs barking, boy scouts at the door selling popcorn (did buy popcorn ), vacuum cleaner sales person (did NOT buy), dinner, etc…I even managed some laundry!

It is quite lovely if I do say so myself:

I was using the Jarbo Duo Swedish yarn, which has many subtle shifts in color, so I thought a criss cross herringbone pattern would be the best way to showcase those color changes.  Definitely took a little more time than your average garter stitch scarf, but the good thing about this pattern is that, like stockinette, it has a right side and a wrong side but lays nice and flat.  What’s even nicer is that it’s machine washable.  I tested a swatch in my dryer and it came out perfect, no shrinkage or pilling!

This thing came out to be over 6 feet long….and truly looks decadent with all those shades of pink:

Now all I need is the weather to cool down.

My next thing to try is some of the Malabrigo Rasta yarn in this pattern.  I truly love Malabrigo…this summer I made my Whippoorwill shawl using a beautiful colorway called “Archangel” and “Chocolate Amargo”.  This took me well over a month to knit, many repeats of Corinne Bailey Rae and Norah Jones on Pandora, and I am so proud of it:


This lovely shawl is by the very talented Carina Spencer and is not sold in my shop.  I can’t wait to try more of her patterns:  http://carinaspencer.com/

With all the craziness of summer at an end, (my 6 year old just started his very first flag football team and my daughter finished up summer ballet classes), I am in awe of what’s coming this fall.  With school starting back up, ballet lessons, football, girl scouts, and a toddler in the mix you think that would be a full plate.  No, not for me!  I, myself am going back to school for the 1st time in  10 years.  I have already registered for my fall classes and will be a full time student at the end of this month.  On top of that I decided to join my 1st internet knit along.

I really don’t see how I’ll fit time for my two favorite R’s:  Running and Reading.  Sigh.  Anyone have a cloning machine?

To purchase the herringbone scarf click here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/108451647/pink-herringbone-scarf


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