Fall on the Horizon and the “Great Little Pumpkin”

Well, we are on the last day of August, and I am hopefully going to finish my herringbone scarf (pics to come) then add that to the shop.  It is made from some imported yarn called “Jarbo Garn” Duo from Sweden….very pretty colors that vary from dark raspberry to spun cotton candy.  It has a twisted appearance that kind of reminds me of old-fashioned lollipops and candy canes.


Not bad for acrylic.

So hopefully I will have this confection of a scarf finished tonight!  I definitely could use some unwinding time after today.

While all the stores were beginning to pile up their shelves with Halloween candy (horror of horrors!) my oldest two children and I found ourselves roaming aimlessly for back to school clothes and supplies.  Procrastinate much?  Needless to say we were the odd ones out grabbing the last few pencil boxes at the bottom of the barrel.

This is the last weekend of summer and I hear a blue moon is on the rise tonight.  Is that supposed to do something for my spiritual energy or hold some mystical power?  If so I think I missed that boat…I am more exhausted than ever!

Speaking of Halloween and spooky moons, Little Magpie Co has been having a great response to these:

Pumpkin Patch Cap

They are Pumpkin Patch Caps!  Last fall my son was ooohhed and aahhhed at everywhere we went wearing this.  I even made one for a barista’s daughter at a coffee shop we were at!  They are fun to make, festive and I think most of all they are perfect when they are covering your own little pumpkin’s precious noggin.

Last year at Pheasant Fields Farm in Silverdale, WA

Don’t get me wrong…I can make them for adults too…who’s brave enough to wear one?  Maybe I’ll make one for myself!  Although I may prefer to wear this:

Tiny Witch Hat Headband

I can hear Lucy saying to Charlie Brown right now “A person should always choose a costume which is in direct contrast to her own personality.

So I guess I can’t judge the stores too badly as I have been working on Halloween since July!  Take that Target!

Everything you see here can be found at my Etsy shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/LittleMagpieCo


4 thoughts on “Fall on the Horizon and the “Great Little Pumpkin”

  1. I think we in the retail business are allowed to start holiday stuff early. After all, we hand-make our items. No different than the big retail stores starting to make their stuff in July for Christmas. It just makes me mad when they start selling the stuff before Halloween is over.

    • True! I used to work at a bookstore where we would start putting out some Christmas stuff in the beginning of October…I guess it doesn’t hurt to get an early start, but it just seems overkill when I see Valentines before New Years even arrives, lol!

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